Friday, July 11, 2014

Train Hard, Rest Hard.

DISCLAIMER: Absolutely everything I know about training and workouts came from my dad and personal coach, Scott Lieber. So this is a shoutout to you, Pops. 

Keeping myself on a consistent training schedule is one thing that keeps me happy (if it's been too long since my last good endorphin out). I am constantly challenging and competing with myself to improve...which makes for some tough workouts. But today...


Tomorrow I will be running a 5k in my community...and really hoping for a PR. The day before a race can only mean one thing.


A recovery workout is a way of telling yourself, "You've done well. Take it easy today". I have worked hard these past two weeks, but there is nothing more important than taking this day to recover before my race. Tomorrow when the starting gun is fired, my body and mind will be fresh and ready to compete. 

Recovery is a principle that can not be stressed enough! Not only in running, but whatever you are training for. Don't get me wrong, those killer hill, interval, or endurance runs are great. So great. But if not spaced out correctly, they result in overtraining and injury. So take it from me. Recover, gosh dang it! If I haven't convinced you yet, take a look at my run today to see how laid back and enjoyable recovery workouts can be...

I ran to one of my favorite easy run destinations. This cute little trail is only a block from my house. I kept the pace nice and easy, one that I could comfortably carry a conversation with. I ended up running just over 2 miles today.

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Post-recovery workout, I always feel better emotionally and physically, but not exhausted! I always leave myself wanting more. 

Stretching. Another essential principle to running...but that's for another post :)

Even though it is recovery, I still don't feel right about stopping my runs for enjoy these post-run stretching selfies :) 

Meet three of my closest friends. Garmin, and the Experia twins.

Recovery means take it easy, but still be smart. Even on the easiest of runs I wear high quality socks and my Garmin watch. 

It's smart to NEVER slack in the socks department, to prevent blisters or other weird issues you may encounter. My favorites are Experia (pictured here), and Nike Dry-Fit (only the ones with the extra supported heel).

As for my watch, I always have it to document my progress! Although I wasn't competing for time or distance today, I can still track improvement. For example, my recovery runs a year ago had a significantly slower pace than my recovery runs now. You don't need the latest and greatest GPS watch to do this (although, it is every helpful)...even wearing a watch that simply tells time and keeping track that way has its benefits.

Now that you've gotten a glimpse into my thoughts on recovery, just remember one more thing...

but then...

Wishing You Rest and Recovery,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I Am All About.

Run, Sew, Pray, Love.
What this blog is all about in four simple words. 

Before we get to that, I'll start with the simple stuff. My name is 
Heather Karen Lieber.

Karen is my grandma's name...I love it so much it tags along with Heather on my email, blog address, and even my Instagram handle (that's big people).

 Lieber doesn't get enough credit. It is a beautiful name with a proud heritage. I am one-fourth Swiss, and the word Lieber can be translated to "beloved". That makes me sound pretty exotic, I'd say. 

Other than my name all I have to say is...Greetings Blogosphere! I look forward to becoming better acquainted.

Now onto my four words of choice...

Running is one of my greatest passions in this beautiful life. Running on the cross country team  throughout high school has taught me more than I can put into words. It introduced me to not only my means of staying healthy, but also my therapeutic addiction
I dare you to find a running picture of me with a pleasant face.
Sewing and crafting also have a special place in my heart. From cereal box cash registers to crudely sewn bags in my childhood, my mind runs faster than I can keep up with when it comes to my creative side. For as long as I can remember, my next project is always lined up in my head before I even finish what's in front of me.
The proud selfie moment when I had just finished sewing my first collar in a Clothing Productions class at USU :)
Praying is my chosen verb to describe the importance of spirituality in my life. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (that's hard to write without breaking out into song). In other words, I Am a Mormon! I love this gospel, and I owe everything I have to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have been blessed with a healthy body to run, a keen mind and working hands to create, and the best part is...the joy that these hobbies bring me all comes from God as well. I am a limited human serving a limitless God. With him, my potential is limitless as well. Despite my imperfections, he forever loves me perfectly. And for that, I will be grateful through the eternities. Among your Internet surfing, I highly recommend The inspirational resources there are endless!
Outside the beautiful house of the Lord, the Manhattan temple. All seven of these boys are currently serving missions around the world...sharing the message of God's perfect love with others.
Loving is of course very closely knit to my religion. Christ is the perfect example of pure love. Everyday I work toward loving others and life in general at that great capacity. A good friend of mine often says, "That's a good human". We're all good humans for completely different reasons, and that is why we need each other. The good in one of us compliments the good in another. And for that, 
I love humans.
So much love in this picture, it hurts.
Last of all, I'd like to address the common theme among these words.
Action words. 
Because if you have passion, desire, and faith in something, you better take action. My actions stemming from these four passions is what I hope to manifest in this blog.

With Love,